I am a professional writer with a knack for telling engaging stories. Currently, I work in the credit card payments industry, where I have over ten years of experience; I create documents that help users understand and benefit from software and hardware, and that help businesses find solutions that work for them. My background also includes instructional design and training in adult learning environments, both in the classroom and online. What do business writing and training have in common? Breaking down complex concepts to make them easy to understand, useful, and fun.

As a freelance writer, I’ve created articles and posts about cryptocurrency, credit card rewards, and tips for freelancers on coworking spaces and more.

I have a BA in history from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In August 2018 I completed my master’s degree in professional writing from New England College. This degree program gave me experience in a variety of fields including business and technical writing, creative nonfiction, and digital media.

I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband and pets.